Argument interrupted
is an idea not necessary;
and unnecessary idea
nor should it be completed.

Can there be value judgment without truth?
And the truth is necessary?
What is true always makes sense?
Sometimes it is necessary to lie.
We lie for truth.

After all where is the sense of things?
Where? Somewhere … not at all …
I swear, I saw the nothing in here.

I hide and interrupt my arguments.
It was not true,
Now it’s something else, but it’s not hollow.
Something real, behind me…

The hidden words …
behind the necessity of transforming a thing into truth;
even though this thing is not real.

They call it fiction, I don’t call anymore.

I finish my arguments.
And silence my heart.
I finish and I don’t know where to start.
Because right now I look in the mirror of the beginning
and I see the end beyond me.

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